Why do we need out of the box ideas?
The Client is always right

Every year, marketeers allot a huge chunk of their budgets on promoting their brands. Every year, brand managers struggle with ideas on how to make their brands stand apart. Sadly, out of the several brands vying for attention only few get a 'top of the mind recall' There are two ways to get to the minds of consumers and stay there: 1. Keep bombarding your communication across all mediums so many times that a mind just cannot miss it. (One needs really deep pockets to do so) 2. Create an intriguing campaign that compels a mind to watch it, wait for it and talk about it. (One needs ideas with depth to do so) It is Option 2 that we all strive to achieve. Isn't it?

All brands reside in an imaginary box. This box defines the limits and the personality of a brand. Smaller the box, the more constrained is its growth.
Thankfully, the size of the box has nothing to do with the size of a brand. A brand that can think out of the box can defy limits, can explore more and achieve more.
So what is an out of the box idea?
It is an idea that takes you by surprise.
And how do you create one?
Great ideas are the result of a close association between a client and the advertising agency. Constant idea sharing, deriving interesting insights together and pulling each other's hair over some crazy brain storming sessions make the prefect recipe to create a communication that blows your mind.
Few brands that have been consistently able to achieve this: Fevicol, Centrefresh, Google, Apple.
The one thing that is common amongst all interesting brands is that they never deviate from their core promise. It is only their story that keeps changing. These brands do not try to sell you things, they draw you into their story and compel you to stay with them.
So let's get back to work. And let's start thinking beyond the obvious.
Happy advertising!

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