Brand Communication Agency

CHL Worldwide is a top brand communication agency which provides comprehensive, uncomplicated clear and innovative branding, marketing and advertising services to our exhaustive range of national and international clients. We have developed an impeccable reputation in the market of devising sophisticated solutions that help us launch and build brands that engage with customers and augment your revenue. A visionary brand communication agency, we collaborate with our clients at every stage to develop brand strategies that actively resonates with the target audience and increase sales. Our unique, strategic approach to building brands and generating brand loyalties allow us to create marketing mantras that perform and generate rapid ROI.

Our services

We have the requisite resources, expertise and a passionate team of branding experts who have deep knowledge of the industry and know what needs to be done to make your brand conspicuous in the crowd. We combine effective strategy with high levels of creativity and passion to develop works that drive results. As a branding expert of unquestionable repute and expertise, we believe more in revealing brands rather than creating them. Unique approach to branding with creativity rooted in deep strategic thinking and market knowledge, we have developed a solid reputation of creating brands with distinction. With a team that boasts of experts from a myriad number of fields and disciplines such as branding, strategy, advertising, and digital, we help your brand gain competitive advantage in the market by fixing the spotlight firmly on it.

What sets us apart?

We help organizations, irrespective of their size and area of operation, grow, communicate and reinvent their brand. Whether your turnover runs into hundreds of millions or just a new entrant, we build a strong brand that resonates with the target audience, clients and customers. We have the necessary tools and the knowhow to develop brands that build businesses. Explore how our services and our unique approach to brand building can help you optimize your most valuable asset--your brand.

Brand Naming

It is important to create a name that efficiently communicates about the nature of your business and the value it is going to bring to the customers. A seamless combination of expertise, creativity, market knowledge, legal/trademarks knowledge, linguistic understanding and customer insight help us create brand name that are distinctive, noteworthy, memorable, powerful and appealing.

Brand Identity

It is imperative that your brand identity serves as a catalyst to your business growth and promotion. A brand identity is much more than your logo—it is the expression and the extension of your brand, the consistent touchstone your customer experience across every single brand touch point and customer experience. It is the promise and assurance of quality you deliver to your customers no matter where they are in the sales cycle. Your brand identity is the heart and soul of your brand and this aspect is never lost on us. We help you create a unique and exclusive logo/visual identities that seamlessly juxtaposes type, style, symbol and color to create an unexampled brand strategy that can be effortlessly used across all digital and analog brand touch points.

Brand Research

Comprehensive brand research is imperative to better evaluate and understand the needs, requirements, belief, expectations and wishes of your target audience and prospective customers. We use highly advanced tools to gather and evaluate audience views and perceptions of brand elements. An innovative and patient approach to research that covers both qualitative and quantitative research along with our in-house tools along with approaches that utilizes the full potential and power of social media helps us devise strategies that offers meaningful insights and actionable recommendations to accelerate brand growth.

Brand evaluation

Brand evaluation is of paramount importance as it helps you analyse and assess your brand’s health, what is working in its favor and what is going against it. Our state of the art brand assessment tool and strategy evaluates the various competing forces that impact the strength and performance of the brand. We take a lot of variables like customers’ perception, product, positioning, communication, current trends, market strength, competition, etc along with internal and external dynamics to assess their effect on the brand. The result is a report minutely detailing the present state of health of the brand, its strengths and opportunities along with the factors that could be dragging it backwards. This detailed analysis offers a strategic roadmap to guide future branding efforts.

Customer engagement and retention

Modern organizations operating in a highly complex and dynamic business environment need to increase market share rapidly while boosting revenue per customer. This is not easy by any stretch of imagination but certainly not outside the realms of possibility. We are top branding experts and we possess the tools and the technology to suggest best inbound and outbound engagement strategies that is in close sync with your brand and spurs growth. We have the expertise and the knowledge of what it takes to cement your relationship with your existing customers, attract the potential ones and retain them through engaging, informative and interesting brand building exercises.